Melissa, The Brow Artiste

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Every client I meet is beautiful and my passion is to make them feel confident that they are beautiful at all times. I have always appreciated the power of eyebrow aesthetics and my mantra is to enhance your natural beauty.

Eyebrows are an important facial feature and play a powerful role in your beauty. They help you: look well rested, brighten up your face, give you a youthful look, frame your eyes, correct and balance facial symmetry and shape your face. When you have well kept brows, there isn’t much need for a full face of makeup!

When you think brows, think The Brow Artiste. I offer a variety of eyebrow services for all different shapes and sizes, customized to your preferences and tailored to your facial features. I use only the best quality products in the industry on your skin. I proudly use pigments that are certified vegan and never tested on animals. I spend a lot of time and money to further educate myself to ensure you are receiving the latest techniques.

For many years, my eyebrow struggle was real. I had over plucked my eyebrows as a teenager and sadly the hair never grew back. I would spend countless hours every morning precisely drawing in my eyebrows while going through all the eyebrow products available on the market. I spent a lot of money and time but never was truly happy with my eyebrows. Going on vacation, hot yoga, swimming or even out on a hot summer days were always an issue as my eyebrows weren’t sweat proof, smudge free or waterproof! After getting my own eyebrows done, I realized what an amazing positive impact this had on my life. It changed my life forever for the better and I absolutely love sharing this happiness with all my clients.

Get in touch with me today to discuss how we can make your beauty shine through.

♥ Melissa