What should I expect during the healing process for my eyebrows?

DAY 1-4: Brows will darken as the ink oxidizes and may appear uneven. Swelling and redness may occur and is normal for the first days.
DAY 5-7: Scabs are formed, brows will be itchy and peeling will start to happen. Do NOT pick or scratch as it will hinder your desired results.
DAY 8-13: All scabs will have fallen off and lighten in appearance. 
DAY 14-21: Pigments will slowly reappear to the surface of the skin 

Note: Results are not guaranteed and each individual holds pigment differently as your age, skin, body chemistry, and lifestyles are not the same as one another. Frequency of sessions depend on number of factors including desired boldness, sun exposure, exfoliations, oily skin and attention to aftercare instructions. A complimentary touch-up session is included with all initial sessions that can be booked 5-8 weeks after the initial appointment to touch up any areas that have faded after the healing process.



for eyebrows

Following these aftercare instructions are very important to ensure proper healing from the procedure and to achieve optimal results. Protect your investment for your eyebrows!

  • Do not apply makeup on the eyebrow area.

  • Do not go tanning or swimming and avoid long periods of exposure in the sun and excessive sweating.

  • Do not rub, scratch or pick at the dry flaky skin/scab.

  • Do not use soap, moisturizer, creams or sunscreen on the eyebrow area.

  • You may apply a thin layer of coconut oil, vitamin E or grape seed oil if your eyebrows feel very itchy and you cannot handle it or if the scabs look really dry and flaky. It is recommended to let them heal naturally for a crisper result. Do not exceed two applications per day.

  • After your brows have healed, it is advised to wear sunscreen on the brows to help the longevity of your brow results!



for eyelashes

Following these aftercare instructions are important to continue setting your lash lift post procedure and make sure it lasts for 6-8 weeks!

  • Avoid washing and putting on mascara/makeup for 24 hours

  • Do not wet the lashes (for 24 hours)

  • Sleep on your back, no sleeping on your face (for 24 hours)

  • Do not spend too long in direct sunlight immediately after your treatment as they may weaken your lift

  • Avoid rubbing and touching the eye area as you can irritate the eyes

  • Gently remove mascara and eye makeup regularly 

  • Brush them daily when damp to detangle

  • Use an oil (coconut or caster) on the lashes to ensure they're healthy and hydrated



Should there be any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me


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